Ryan Austin
Youth & Children Pastor

I remember loving to set up “booby traps” on my third grade Sunday School teacher. If I could make his chair fall over during a lesson from some elaborate scheme, then that was a good week at Church. Clearly, I needed a savior. It wasn’t until High School that I answered Jesus’ call to “follow Him”. Following Him meant starting the discipleship process in Connecticut. Then I served Him in many different ways in New York, West Virginia, and Canada. I walked in His footsteps in Egypt, Jordan, and Israel. Then I pursued formal Biblical education in Massachusetts and Pennsylvania. God grew my leadership skills at Sight & Sound Theaters for seven years. Now I am thrilled to be called to serve the Children, Youth, Parents and Volunteers at Mill Creek Bible Church. I love encouraging disciples of any age as they learn what it means to follow Jesus. God has blessed me with an amazing wife, Ashley, three amazing sons- Josiah, Isaac, and Simon, and a daughter on the way.

When I’m not at home or at the church you can either find me at the beach, or on some ancient battlefield, figuring out where people were and learning the people’s stories. If I am in one of my usual places I’m probably listening to jazz, classical, or bluegrass music; wishing that more New York Football Giants games aired down here.

1 John 2:28 says “And now, little children, abide in Him, so that when He appears we may have confidence and not shrink from Him in shame at His coming.” Keeping our eyes set on Jesus affects our perspective on everything and changes the way we respond to everything. Keeping our perspective Gospel centered is the only way we can love others the way we are called to love them. How will we respond when He appears? Confidently because we have kept our eyes focused on Him and His word? Or with shame, because we found too much other things to stay busy with and allowed our lives to be consumed with avoidable issues.