God and His Word - We value God and His Word because that is Plan A. There is no Plan B.
Attitude of Worship - We value exhibiting authentic joy and obedience in response to God's sovereignty and the revelation of His love.
People - We value all human life from conception to the grave because we all created in God's image.
Relationships - We need each other, therefore we value supporting and encouraging each other in all ages and stages of life's journey.
Missions (Local & Global) - We value living out and passing on the gospel of Jesus Christ, because if we don't, who will?
Attitude of Excellence - We value excellence in all facets of our lives because our Holy God is worthy of our absolute best.

Our desire at Mill Creek is to help people Encounter God on Sunday morning, Connect to people in a small group, and Live Out their gifts and passions while they Pass On their faith to those who do not personally know Christ as their Savior.


We met in 2009, Our vision at Mill Creek Bible Church is for the light from God's people to cut through the darkness of our world. We will help people experience God's love by living it and discover God's truth by sharing it.